Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Sunday!

A wonderful Sunday today...

I "won" in my gamble.
Infact, I won without even "risking".
Cos apparently, the IC got the place wrong. Trg "Ground" was at SDBA!
Though aching all over from yesterday's land trg, that familiar ground already perks me up the minute i set foot on the uneven coarse & uneven granite flooring, with the sights of white big & small boats aligning themself neatly side-by-side.

"it great to be here again..."
Training with our used-to-be-rival-but-soon-to-turn-team-mates was a great feeling. Coach was an experience coach, whom needless to say, bound to learn lots from him.
It was a good training.

First time rowing in the "evening". The crowd around is so diferent from the mornings. But somethings just never changed. c",)

After trg ended, it was dinner time.
And yet again, I satisfy my weekly crave for Jap food at MEIDI-YA! A crave thats is "unhealthy" to the pockets.
I think i'm "falling in love" with MEIDI-YA. All the Jap groceries, Sushi, and even a mini super expensive Japanese food court just outside the checkout counter.
Fortunately, I am an easily satisfied person. Pre-pack Sushi "combo" and Sashimi is enough to send me up to cloud-9.
How can i not "loiter" around the supermart and scout for authentic Jap Snacks and food.
Luckily I am still "well-disciplined"... managed to control my expenditure there. Else I gonna be broke way before the next pay day...

Tmrw is a Off-day for me. Yeah......!!!
Gonna give my "Phoenix" a little more "life" tmrw... something that has been delayed for 3 months. =)

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