Sunday, February 17, 2008

what ifs (2)

i think i'm in for a big "gamble" and "risk-taking" today...
One that can really 撕破脸皮 kinda thing...

yet again, my company is having an "experimental"trial row with ABN later this afternoon. (in view of the merger hapening very soon..)
All staffs are encouraged and welcome to join in this trial trg..

Best part is, its taking place at KLSSC... exactly where the current team i am with is trg.
Timing didnt clash, but what if their coach hapens to be the same coach?
Becos its moe common for free-lance coaches to be trg at SDBA instead of KLSSC...

I tell myself that its highly unlikely the coach wil turnout to be the same person... If a rower is not allowed to row with more than one tean, then how can a captain of a team coach 2 different teams then?
Maybe I am just paranoid...

heck with the "What ifs"
It only makes us miserable.
I remember that.

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