Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oh What a Weekend!

Havent tasted "breakfast" for like ages, since i always sleep past the breakfast timing...
Finally, tasted nice breakfast again.
Chwee Queh, Chee Cheong Fun, Carrot cake, washed down with Tao Hui Jwee.

I must say, this is one of the longest breakfast I have had.. stretching all the way til noon, but time just seems to past so fast when you are with good companions with like-minded topics!

Oh yeah, and must say this is indeed a "fruitful" breakfast, with a target set and hopefully, a goal achievable in June...

Went to "shop" for a sofa thereafter to replace our over 20years old....
Then its a first time dinner in over 20 years since my brothers and sister all sit down together in one table. Something to cheer about, its not just us 4 siblings, but also added on to our extended family tree, with my 2 sisters-in-law and nephew.

I cant recall when was the last time the four of us had sat down together having dinner, minus the formal family dinners scenarios...

Then, managed to catch a bit of rest before heading down to my colleague's new house for a little post-wedding-house-warming event.
Mahjongs, Black-jack, a little of XBOX360 and of cos FOOD!

Didn't dare to stay too long into the night, cos gotta wake up next day for lessons...
I believe i slept soundly, thanks to the fun-filled and "enriching" day!
Un-interrupted 7 hours of sleep.

********Sunday *********
So reluctant to get out of bed at 10.... yet, still looking very much to the day ahead.
MTV Dance lesson @ 10am
Body pump @ 230pm
DB trg @ 400pm

and then its

Well, its basically a re-run of the previous show in 2007. But since i missed it last year, i got my ticket like 1 month in advance.

Luckily i did so, cos it was a sold out night tonight!
Still runnign for the next four nights, til the 28th Feb.
So if you dont want to miss this last re-run, go catch it!
Its really great and entertaining, expecially with it Politically provocative content, its just so nice! Where else can you hear critics on Singapore polictics weaved in such a "indirect" manner?

If your are singaporean, and understand Hokkien, you wouldn't want to miss this too!!!
"m sure I;ll have another good night sleep tonight...



reioval said...

i think it was my longest breakfast every too! but it flew past just like that =) more more k!

One^Life said...

yeah ! and DIM SUM too... !