Saturday, February 02, 2008


Interesting... Only if we could come tog as a team for this event....
Too bad, there's a clauses that prohibits this.....

An excert adapted from

A continuous 3-hour dragon boat relay organized by corporate teams in solidarity with the dragon boating community, to raise funds and create awareness towards the sport.

The tragedy that struck the Singapore National Dragon Boat Team in Cambodia last November is the reason for the Corporate Dragon Boat Relay 2008: Show of Faith.

This unique relay, a special corporate affiliates initiated event with the support of SDBA, will kick off the Singapore Dragon Boat Association’s (SDBA) events calendar this year, conveys the strong support from corporate teams for the sport and the dragon boat community at large.

We hope that through this event, we can raise the public awareness that dragon boating is a safe sport, especially so in Singapore.
This is also the first time that corporate organizations, who normally view each other as competitors on the water, are coming together to show our concerted support to the sport that we are all so passionate about,” said Mr Adrian Tan, spokesperson for the corporate organizing committee and co-captain of Shell’s dragon boat team.

Paddlers with no experience are also welcome to paddle alongside with seasoned paddlers, so more people will come to know what dragon boating is about, and that it is a safe sport.

Dragon boating has been gaining in popularity over the past few years and is notable for its strong corporate involvement and support, because it promotes teamwork and camaraderie,” said RADM (RET) Kwek Siew Jin, President (SDBA).

Sadly, a clause in the Entry rules states:

The paddlers for this race must be employees of any corporate organization

Sianz X 10 ....


reioval said...

yah yah... but it seems we can "take part" in other ways. saw this on redsports,sg =)

" Pauline Wan on January 17th, 2008 9:49 pm
The corporate teams are now banding together to show their support by organizing a Corporate Dragon Boat relay. Although the participation is exclusively for corporations, we will be synergizing with the school team’s dragon boats to help out with logistics. We need lots of help to be coxens, captains, safety personnel, entertainment etc. If any of you or your schools are keen to participate in this meaningful event, please write to SDBA or me directly. We look forward to your support dispelling the wrong impression that dragon boating is dangerous."

One^Life said...

I dont mind being a coswaint actually...!!

Dont know too late anot...
Shall We??
Or be entertainers...?