Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A change woudl do you good

kinda sad when u read the below news headlines
"Titanic survivor sells mementos to pay for (nursing) care"

96 year old Millvina Dean
"Dean is selling the suitcase and other Titanic mementos to help pay her nursing home fees"

2 years, 说长不长,短也不短。
2 years in the same company, doing the same function.
2 years rowing, in the same water, but within different like-minded groups.
A consolation its not been stagnant since day 1, but progress is slow.
I see jumps in leaps and bounds, and I learnt much more, and in the process, gained much much more.
The environment is changing.
People hve to change to adapt to environment.
all thebig talks about "改变环境来适应自己" are just advertisement slogans and gimmicks only "possible" in the reel world.
Let's be realistic, 改变自己来适应环境 sounds more logical in the real world
time to read between the line in the lyrics.
It might just be really good..
"A change would do you good"


yInZ said...

from my pathetic experience..

2 years is enuff..
any longer.. u will be stuck FOREVER..
time for a change already..

One^Life said...

yup... slowly, evovling.. i hope.. hehee..