Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Moment like this . . .

12 Oct 2008
One event, Four Person VICTORIES.
I Did it in this life-time!

Never occurred to me that I will ever take on Quadthlon, not even ever dreamt of attempting a Triathlon before this.

After today, at Last, I can be proclaimed as a Quadthlete (without having to go thru the Traithlon phase... ahhaa..)

And the best part about this achievement, is a managed to complete it with a decent timing.
2hr 21 mins.
Not sure abt position, but I would be anxious to know....

Well for this little life of mine, I have been there, done that , a taste of a Finisher for a Quathlon event.
This means,
We are now all certified as being a Swimmer at sea, A roller-blader, a cyclist, and a runner.

It's really an eye opener and a sight to behold, witnessing fellow participants pressing on to complete the kilometres of blading/cycling/running despite they are very much amateur. A true test of mind over body.
They may look clumsy, but they perserve. *respect*
Some people fell and had bad bruise on legs, face, shoulders, but they pressed on to complete all events.
some unfortunate events suffered a crash agst cyclist and had to pull out.
Some had their bike chains fell off, dashing their dreams to complete the race with personal best timing.
Without ryhme or reason, this song chorus just pops into my mind in my last leg of the four event.
Maybe that's what pushes me on, when i can barely walk properly after the firt 1km after dismounting from the bike, I tell myself to at least a real slow jog (40sec/100m)My thighs are like really tight, i can hardly stand straight, thanks to the crunching position from cycling on a racer.
Its really a very different kind of race.
A race to overcome oneself,
a race against oneself,
a race for a moment like this.


yInZ said...

OH MY GOSH !!!!!!! U really done it..
So proud of you.. =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations quadthlete!!
Must tell Euan so he can broadcast to the whole team!! hahaha
And we can celebrate by having you row us back to shore!!! yay!!!
Congrats again haha!

One^Life said...

yinz - but I can never finish a 42km lor. All the best for ur Stan Chart Marathon!

One^Life said...

Lee lynn - thanks lor....
thenak i shall dissaper from trg... hahaaa.
Anyway, it diff muscle grp wor...