Thursday, October 23, 2008

Copyright infringement? Right, My foot...

Today, I thought "somebody" played a trick on me when i saw an email Subject header:
"Notification of Alleged Copyright Violation " from Facebook

Apparently, it's not a joke....
Copyright Infringement..... Well done, out of my many videos there, just 2 particular Video infringe copyright?

Definitely not becos of background Audio, cos i have more other videos with many other songs in it, that didnt suffer the same fate as these 2.
It really doesnt really take a genius to know how these 2 video ended up this way.
See what these 2 have in common?
Btw, I am proud to say I owned these videos, cos i created them myself, something that someone who can't do it, and rather file a copyright infringement.

Well, Just FYI, You may wished to lodge another Copyright infringment complain for my videos in Youtube?
Be my guest.


yInZ said...

my gosh..

dun be too offended.. =)

jealousy of people's capability will lead to this kind of complain..

if there is someone who is not happy about themselves appearing.. at most, we mosaic their face away lo... =)


One^Life said...

hahaa.. yah.. "sadako" it, so that it's not recognizable... lol