Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What comes down must go up!

Karma - Alicia Keys

We see a sea of GREENS across the Global stock Market!!

After like Trillions were wipe out..
yeah, Trillions.. means how many zeros?
Isit huh?
Serioulsy , I also not sure.. cos the Calculator dont permit so many zeros, and trades I ever came across was at most in yards? (billions)

All Central Bank finally stepped in.
What this means?
The final heores/heroine that rescued the financial turmoil, is non-other than....... *drum-roll*
yes, you tax-payers. *clap* *clap* * clap*
The commoners and salaried individuals like you and myself.
That's where all the Billions $ bailout came from.

The lender of last resort = Tax-payer.

More GREENS please for the week....

Market has gone down long and bad enuff. Time to go up yeah?
What goes up must come down, what goes down must come up hor.....

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