Monday, October 27, 2008


Crossroad once again?

I thought that was something for the "privilege" fews.
Deciding which path to take.

Seems like I'm hitting yet another here..
One that is more complicated.
Work, and non-work related.

Would pursuing something else now be an appropriate time?
Would making a change now be a wrong move?

Would the decision to change in the near future be something that I may look back in regret?

But I know its not anything on impulse when the day comes.

The enthusiasm is dwindling with each passing day.
Have dreamt the impossible, and garnered the near impossible.
Dreams came true (partially?).
It evolves because the mind, the heart is tired.
It's sick of it? to put it crudely.
It yearns for a change.
A different focal point.
A different goal.
A much simple life.
Maybe a more fulfilling and self-satisfying one.
More time for oneself,
To slow down the pace, and take a look clearly at the surroundings.
It's still holding on, til the day comes... counting down...
26 days?

will things change?
Or will i still be heading teh same road down?

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