Friday, October 31, 2008

ok, that's it...

Hmm.. well, my mind was kinda made up before the "face-off"
But i just didnt rehearse what is supposed to come out of my mouth for that moment in time.

You know, when caught in the situation itself, what you "rehearsed" or been running through your mind, just doesn't go in synch with the audible sound that came out from the mouth.

But then, I hope the message was subtle but with a bit of hint....
Cos i didnt want to make it sound like an outright rejection/turn-down.
Afterall, I "survived" hours of "self-promotion" and "selling" before getting me this far.
Didnt want to trashed it with just one word, "no".

Coming to a decision is afterall, not a bad thing.
At least it took a load off my mind.
Burdened with the "what ifs" and "what may"...

Well, just live with my (one of many) motto(s) in life, "No Regets"

Time for "greener Pasture" hunting again!

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