Monday, November 10, 2008

Deal or no Deal?

you started off with $100.
You took the chance, and won $1,000.
Not ideally what you had wanted, but a real sweetener.

Then came a deal.
Give up that $1,000 totally, then you get a chance to try out your luck for a $10,000 wininng prize.
There's no guarantee that by giving up that $1,000, you will get $10,000.
Worst scenario, you will end up with the initial $100, and the "competition" will be closed to you in the short term at least...
You can't go back to claim your $1,000.
You have to look elsewhere for that $10,000 chance.( if any)

Is it worth taking the risk?
Your main aim in taking part in the competition is for the $10,000 using the $100.

You have less than 24 hrs to decide...

Deal or No deal....?
WTF. . . .

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