Sunday, November 16, 2008

Farking ERP

Yeah, i believe thats the sentiments of all motorist.. but as local movie depict, Singaporean only know how to complain and no action...
Well, I am a true blue Singaporean... what to do....

God-damn on a Saturday, ERP gantry are the MOST brightly-litted metal Structure on the roads.
Damn! For goodness sake, Didnt the "garment" moved to a five day work week many many eons years ago?

Why still activate the super bright light on those gantry to operate on a SATURDAY??!!!
How i wished i could tear the IU and slam it on the floor. Just like how the government in various countries stomped out pirated goods.

Turned round corner and tried as hard as I could, I am still slapped with a total bill of $5 on ERP just by travelling Kallang - Raffles Place - Bugis - Orchard.

so frustrated to the extent (that ERP is NOT at all helping in curbing the traffic congestion to town), that i just parked my car at a open air car-park(at the cheapeast rate) outside Bugis Junction ERP holy gantry and took a train down to City Hall to run some shopping errands instead. * I think i enjoy jostling with the MRT crowds more than evading the bright lights shining down from those gantries..*

Dont they understand that ERP dont help enuff in Curbing Traffic congestion.. If people must get form POint A to Point B, they will have to get to POint B!
Its just a conspiracy to "suck" money out of motorist.

Fortunately , Oil prices fall! and Falling! hahahahaha......
just around $1.62 per litre compared to $1.9 -$2.00 months back.
Then again, savings in Petrol kena "suck" away by those "holy Gantries"


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True I agree with you :)