Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A step closer?

received the "long-awaited" call today noon, which woke me up from my sleep...

hmm... step closer to heaven?
Or a step closer to plunging hell....?

heard this song on TV today.
yet another 經典歌曲 that stands thru the test of time.
印象最深就是一部港戏 starring Anita Yuen (袁永仪)about her down with cancer or some illness.
Damn touching story i remember vaguely... haha
Some people may know this song as a 楊宗緯 song, but its NOT! -_-"

Quote of the day:
"A triathlon is a battle. You go in and expect a fight.
During the swimming leg, expect to be kicked, punched and have your goggles knocked off."

hahaa.... how very true... fortunately I'm usually the "defensive" one, once in a while i did kicked... lol

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

eh so qiao, i just saw this video in the car over the weekend after so many years. very touching.
so u decided to take the plunge and "jump ship"?