Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Winner Takes it All.

Winner Takes It All - ABBA

Suay or what....

Kena DQ-ed twice.
Maybe we are cursed for Regatta.

Medal Haul : 0.

Trust that to come from a Team that never fails to haul Medals in other major events throughout the year...

-Plate Bronze in MR500

-Bronze in SDBF

-Gold in CCG

-Bronze(s) in SAVA Sprint

Medals count aside, maybe thats a good wake-up call as well, to highlight that skills is not all that matters.
And the fact that 一山还有一山高!

Morever with each passing days/months/years, rowers come and go.
For personal reason, for jobs, for various reasons...
I have inevitably fall short to the pool.

Yes, decided to stopped competitive rowing for at least in the near future, pinning Regatta as my finale for competitive rowing.
Of cos that doesn't mean I will be hanging up that wooden stick altogether. There's still unfinished business with it...
It is still gonna bath in Kallang waters, and "sun tanned"under the scorching sun.

This however, marks my first and last regatta thus far, as a rower.
Alas, its a silent exit.

Nevertheless, it was a fruitful 8 months with this brand new combined Team.
Races, trainings, experiences, glory, dissapointments, all within the short 8 months.
This is indeed, a Team of rowers whom I saw "I row because I loved to row" written all over their faces.
No other personal Agenda.
Never regretted joining this team with a full boat load of fun people.

It makes me see Corporate Teams in a different light.

I guess I am not fated with Regatta. Despite having brushing shoulder with the prior 2 Regattas(due to work), being all well-prepared and the chance for this final Regatta didnt turned out that well though.
Perhaps, as coach mentioned, Its all destined and fated..

This Regatta seems more like an "Examination" for the coswaints.
No less than 5 DQs, all attributed to finishing in wrong lanes, and stirring out of course.

However, I must applaud the courage of all coswaints at river regatta. The narrow lanes and water condition doesn't make it an easy way to 'navigate', nothwithstanding they have to pull off a "Wake-boarding" stance at the start line! (one hand on rudder, the other stretching as far back holding on to the starting rope), and the balance to maintain when the boat surge off with a powerful jerk....


Further, I think this race was not only one that differentiates strong teams from the Weak, it's also one that showcase the battle between Coswaint...!

From these eventful of DQs in Regatta, it spurs me and fellow rowers to go for helmsman course. I.e., to be certified race Coswaint!
yeah, you dont need a cert to cox in a race, but with the experience, it makes a difference between a split seconds 4th and a Bronze, a split seconds difference between a Silver and a Gold.
Instead of rowers, why not contribute in the way of a Coswaint for the Team that you hold dear, since I have decided to take a back-seat in competitive rowing, and could no longer devote that same amount of time for this sports.

P.s., Light Coswaint and Drummers has great advantages....

Though I would like to take a long break from competitive rowing due to committment levels, I still very much loves this team sports.

And I guess by doing so, its a win-win situation.
There's no lack of rowers, but people who dares to bears the full blame when the boat goes out of course, and claims no credit when the team clinches first position, that's somebody noble and worthy of respect.
Somebody whom you cant be short off, and yet the role may seem so minute...

Finally, I have time for that holy ball again, something that I have been neglecting for the past 2 years?
Time on weekends to don on my red/white inline and glide through the crowd.
Time to do more multi-disciplinary sports.
But of cos, still time for rowing, but in a less frequent, less competitive oriented manner.
Rowing , because my passion still hasn't cease, but no longer for the medal chase anymore.
Rowing becos I wanted to keep a Team going for like-minded people.
Rowing, becos its still one of the Sports that bridges gap and strengthen comradeship.
Despite the lack-lustre results over the weekends, I have gave it all, and I had no Regrets, truly.
"I dont wanna talk
About the things we've gone through
Though its hurting me
Now its history
I've played all my cards
And thats what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

The winner takes it all
The loser standing small . . . "


Anonymous said...

So sad. Nvm there are still such thing as "leisure teams" haha.. u noe wat i am refering to. And hey I oso wan to learn coxing leh! At least more useful than a drummer.

One^Life said...

haha.. yeah, and coxing is damn exhilerating when racing side by side..! hahaa..
Its gonna be a 2 day course (Sat & sun) for next year, but dont know exactly when.
will 'Jio' you when the time comes!