Sunday, November 30, 2008

Act of impulse?
Not really.
Finally, getting started with Decent photography.
Gotten this "kit" at SITEX on Thursday, by parting with 700 odd SGD..
Worth it, i told myself.
20X optical zoom... There's no excuses for not capturing that "perfect" moment, that inspiring move at that split seconds.

Hope the training workshop next week will adequately equipped myself with the basic necessary knowledge and skills to capture that "picture perfect" moment..

Still awaiting for that chance for this not-so-dandy yet stylish little gadget to make its first appearance... hmm....

Farewell has never been easy.
Even though when one is gonna be away for good reason/purpose.
Yesterday was a farewell party thrown at Nat's place for Nic, who will be jetting off to Shanghai for his work/studies next week.
We will all missed those training session with Nic, one of our Star pacer in the year's major races.
Hopefully, we will see him back real soon and join us in the races again.
I loved rowing with this Team man!
Another strong reason why hanging up my paddle for good is a "no-no". . .

I'm back with the "holy Ball" again !
3 hours of non-stop pounding and "running" around in the INDOOR court!
What a great start.
I still havent lose my touch wor....! well, at least not too bad lah... hahaa...
Season in the sun - Westlife.mp3 -

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