Saturday, May 07, 2005

BaLaClaVa vs Wala-wala

An 'analysis' between Balaclava & Wala-wala
(note: these are from my personal point of view ONLY. Preference may differ with diff indivs....)

Ambience: Balaclava wins hands-down with its chic, spacious, "classy" and comfortability. Well, that gotta exclude the outdoor seatings though.

Beer: Balaclava beer seems to be "bigger" in quantity... A similar 1 Pint Hoegaarden has totally different size and quantity in wala-wala. Balaclava one is Really "humongous" for that extra $2... I wonder why???

Crowd: Wala-Wala spots a younger crowd (mainly students?) who are there for the music SOLELY.
Balaclava's crowd tunes towards the working class and relatively more expats, who are there for catching up, knowing fren's fren's fren's frens and chatting away, while the poor band plays in the background with hardly any applause or appreciation after a performance.
A minority lot are there for the music though...

Both place gets really crowded despite the spacious Balaclava. ( I think it's 2-3 tyimes larger than wala-wala)

Music: Happened that the night i was @ Balaclava, the band plays lotsa soft-rock from a variety of groups and bands, interchangeing between female and male vocal lead. That's really a great pleasure to the ear! Hence I shall award Balaclava an edge over wala-wala for this...

Queues: I Loved Balaclva for This!! No unnecessary holding up of queue lines at all! @ 10pm, i can just walk in without any bouncer/cashier standing guard at the door-way. It's simply a "go-on-in-as-and-when-you-like" concept. I.e., u are not obliged to choose ur drink or make payment at the entrance!!

hrrmm..... guess the results obvious....
But that doesn't mean i am ruling out wala-wala for a night of fun and booze.

If u wish to take things at a slower pace ,a place for catching up, with great music at the background, u know where to go....

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