Wednesday, May 11, 2005


yes! I got the " SEPET" DVD!!

haha.... i didn't rent it though, but i actually Bought it!! Must be crazy.. can't believe i BOUGHT an Original DVD...

At least it's not exp like it was 2-3 years back when a owning a DVD means u belong to the richer minority group. In fact, this DVD only cost $18.90. ( I should have wait til i go to JB then get it, since it would be much cheaper... but i CAN'T Wait!!)

Well, it might be a Malaysian produced film, but i suppose the story should be marvellous judging from the various awards it garnered in various film festivals.
(NB, i dont have anything against Made-In-Malaysia films, just that we hardly see any of them in the global scene)

A nice quote on the DVD cover: " You don't have to understand people to love them"

hrmm.. 2 more days ......

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