Saturday, May 07, 2005


ok.., I was 'late' in publicising this drama box production which my fren is involved. She's now a Full time staff of Drama Box! Pursuing what she loved.

"... Love and Hate...... Lust and Desire.....
Pain, Incest, Sodomy.... Giving & Taking....
What would you do to be Happy?"

That's the tagline for the play. Well, to quote what my fren says, " as much as the poster looks gay.. it's actulaly juz about LOVE, those in love, out of love & in platonic relationships."

Well, this time it seems to be huiling's (affectionately known as 'DaJie' by the group of us from yester-years) "larger scale" performance, you bet i gotta give my support for her!
since it's a fundraising play, the tics price are a bit on the high side for a play like this.

Well, don't expect nudity scenes like the poster, it's not what u think it is... The show is a reflection of the various emotions and relationships thru 3 different scences. "The Happy Prince", "Salome" and the life of Oscar Wilde.

The play runs til 15th May @ teh Esplanade Theatre Studio.

p.s., Contemplating on catching "Phua Chu Kang The Musical", guess it will be a great entertaining musical..... Any takers? lol

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