Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Day well Spent: Priceless!

today marks the start of the much anticipitated long weekend...
Today's one of the few weekends i truly enjoyed and felt well-spent.

Nonetheless, it's becos i spent a full day with my "first Love". Volleyball @ SSB Sentosa (My "next love").

As usual, challenges started early noon, going round courts taking on teams and frens of fens and frens.
Tiring and shack but all worth it!
- -Great Day - -
- - Great Fun - -

Looking for more of such sessions over weekends!

Well it happened that tresa, yanran and frens happened to be there too, and hence numbers were more easily made up for game.
Dinner at Harbourfront before making a trip down to yet another greeeeaaaattttt place.

A no-dress-code outdoor/indoor thematic bar, restaurant, with a resort style, coupled with a wonderful life band, "Cats In the Cradle" in the outdoor "Sanctuary"

The group of 3 takes on soft rocks by R.E.M., Coldplay, Nirvana, U2, Stone Temple Pilots, Red Hot Chili Pepper, Guns & Roses, etc.
Probably becos the group members falls on the "older age group", and hence they played more of songs from these "older" rock bands.
But i must say, the lead singer is really great! he has a geat voice to the likes of the various lead singers of the above-mentioned rock bands. Very "ang-moh"!
Strongly recommend anyone who loves live band music to check this place out. furthermore, it's free seating with no queues estriction as long as u manage to find table and seats.

The drinks menu are so extensive that u will be able to find any exotic cocktails, mocktails, beer, liquor, soft drinks and even fresh fruit juices and all sorts of sky juice!

after a long day at the beach, followed by a chill-out session @ indochine accompanied with live band music.
That's life!

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