Sunday, May 08, 2005

HapPy - Sequel

Fave of All Time: Char Kway Tiao (With Lotsa 'Hums')

Location: Tiong Bahru Hawker Center

A sinful and extremely unhealthy food, yet so irrestible with the 'smooth' sweet taste! the succulent sea hums and the heavenly taste of Seafood contained in the sea hum!
I can never resist a good plate of Char Kway Tiao.

apparently i just realised that Tiong Bahru Hawker Center (TBHC) opens til midnight or later nowadays, compared to the times whem it was situated in their former location a busstop away.

Initially wanted to go for a plate of sea hum instead, but considering that it was already quite late and speculation that they will not be fresh, i settled for a plate of good old Char Kway Tiao with EXTRA Hums!

To make up for this unhealthy late night supper, I had a grande Tangy Tomatoe (From Soupspoon) take-away from earlier, to accompany me thru the night as i caught on with a rented DVD title...
This soup is really nutritious made with real ingredients with no preservatives!
With real Tomatoes!
How do i know?
cos i used to be selling those soups as a part-timer! The soup still as good, except from the memories from yester-years... =)

Rented a DVD title from the DVD kiosk (PLAY!) at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Check out the kiosk!
Kinda like thier "Logo" with that cute looking white figurine that strikes some resemblence to "Mr Pee".

Rented the Korean Movie "3-Iron"
A weird show, that hardly have any conversation thoughout the 95 minutes of the show. U can count the total number of lines each character have...
Don't be misled by teh movie poster that this is another R(A) movie. It's NOT, infact it's just an NC-16 restricted movie.

The recent craze for catching DVD are due to the following reasons:

  1. A 42" plasma TV courtesy of my bro
  2. The rising cinema tics that made it unworthy to catch foreign movies in the cinemas
  3. Great foreign shows hardly screen long enuff on the big screen for me to have a chance to catch them, before they are withdrawn.

Now i am anxiously anticipating for the foreign film "SEPET" to be available in the kiosk
"One Chinese Boy. One Malay Girl. One Unforgettable Love Story"

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