Sunday, May 01, 2005

DVD Freak....

Jialat.. i think i am turning to a couch potatoe and a sucker for DVD movies real soon... *tsk*, *tsk*, *tsk*....

Recently came across a few DVD rental bargained services like and

Both are very much S'pore base DVD rentals services that surprisingly provides a wide array of DVD titles at reasonable prices... do some simple mathematics and u will find one of them to be a suitable choice for u... haha

Rented my first ever DVD from, and it was a title that i regretfully missed when it was screened in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard Months ago... and FORTUNATLEY, they have this title in the machine!!

Highly Recommended Movie: Umizaru (meaning: "Sea Monkey")

It's a Jap movie on Rescue Divers. For more reviews on this movie,
check out Joy's "drama-ramma" blog on her personal review!
It's really a GREAT show!

p.s. There's also a Kawaii female lead... ehhee

Btw, There IS suppose a sequel to this show, cos at the very end of the show after all the scrolling of "Credits" and "Behind the Scences" footages, there IS a minute or so of footages of continuation on a Sea mis-hap and ended with the title detailing a sequel....
hrmm.... Let's wait and see....

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