Sunday, May 15, 2005

Summer Storm


Screening: Cathay Cineleisure

Another Foreign film that's worth the $8.50.
Managed to catch it in the cinema before it's been taken off screen.
apparently this show is quite popular, as it's one of the few foreign films that managed to be screened for past 3 weeks in a local theatre.

Was thinking of waiting for the DVD to be available before i catch it, but a last minute impromptu decision made me get the tics and there i am, landed in the comfort of the cushioned seat.

Those who have read reviews on this German film may already know that this is a show with a gay theme and it's R(a)21. Don't be fooled that its graded R(a)21 becos of its "gay elements" in it, but its becos of some harmless exposure of the female upper body parts., and of cos, some intimacy scenes between the boys.
This show is definitely no porn though, sorry to dissapoint those expecting some pornography flicks.

This film spotlights on the emotional confusion of a young man on his path to adulthood, searching for that identity and finally confronting it. Quite a few hilarious scenes to watch out for too, about how paranoid peopel can get over gays.

I suck at reviewing, hence, the best judgement would be to watch it yourself.
all in all, i say this is a very good movie that touched on both sides of the world, ("Gays" and "Straights" as coined in the film.)

Awarded 4 out of 5 stars

"SEPET" stills hold as the Best ever film in my 'A' List of movies!
(Did I mentioned that SEPET was an Inter-racial romance film??)

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