Saturday, May 28, 2005


Dilemma 1:
Have always been looking for the weekends.
No exception this week, but my plans for the weekends kinda "dashed"

"dashed" in the sense that my "pre-progrrammed" activities will failed to materialise..

No vball at NUS, no Vball at SSB sentosa.
Reason: fren's couldn't make it....
Sad... =(

Another 5 more days before the next weekend.
hrmm.. gotta make contingency plan for this coming week...
Initially wished that weekends would arrive soon, and now, i wished it would just hold. I havent make plans yet...

Dilemma 2:
An Email kinda aroused my intention for a change of job.
A dream which I had secretly wanted to fulfil since my teenage years. A career which I thought I will definitely choose in adulthood.
Well, this time, the opportunity came, but i'm hesistant.
It's gonna be a committment IF i really managed to clinched it.
But I'm doubtful if I'm ready for it.
A career with the SPF, aka Singapore Police Force.

I hope no one's jaw drops upon reading this...
In fact, this idea has been playing in my mind constantly whenever i came across any recruitment banners/booth for the SPF. Just not sure if this is what i really want for the next couple of many years.
It's not gonna be like the everyday 9-5 ofice job which you can change as and when you dislike it.
To me, it will be a kind of committment.
A much much stronger sense of responsibility and integerity for staying on once you are in it.
But will i really like it?
No answers.
But one thing for sure,
over the years, I have never drop the idea of pursuing a career with the police force....
Maybe I should jutst try for it.
Afterall, it's not that easy to get in too.

Or will I procrastinate this opportunity again for the umpteen time?
undecided, unsure, indecisive...


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