Sunday, December 19, 2004

Beautiful Ones

"Beautiful Ones" - Suede

"...loved up, Doved up, hung around, stoned in a lonely town
shaking their meat to the beat,
High on diesel and gasoline, psycho for drum machine
shaking their bits to the hits,

...Oh, here they come, the beautiful ones, the beautiful ones...."

Yup, the night on 18th Dec (Sat) was filled with beautiful people.
It's my Company DnD at the Marina Mandarin, and its my first attendance an an Official Company DnD as an employee status.

It was kinda funny. Cos i ws never enthusiastic or thrilled with my coy DnD , as i don't expect it to be fun, judging from the poor attendance rate, (which i guess only 50% of the company staffs turned up) and that majority of the guests would be over 30yrs of age.

Well, i was wrong. Totally and absolutely wrong.
In fact, This is the most entertaining DnD i have been to.
i'm seirious.
It's more Happening than the DnDs during my hall life.

Reason: The host was excellent, the programs were great, and the most crucial factor....,


Especially the Japanese staffs, they were sporting, no ranks, so seniority, no airs were displayed when they were asked to volunteer for games, no matter how stupid the games may sound/look.
Well, i really admire their spirit, and perhaps their culture. When its time to let loose, they really Let loose!
The same goes for the rest of the staffs who were at the dinner. Practically EVERYONE was so "on".

And I thot youngster were supposed to be more sporting?? I was wrong! hahaa....
No to mentioned the Theme was "World Fiesta" and everyone was encouraged to dress in any country costume they wished. And it was really and eye-opening experience to see so many people dressed up in all sorts of costume! not forgetting myself and fellow graduate trainees dressed in "Cowboy suits" and bohemian theme for the ladies.
(The 4th Batch BTM Grad. Trainees)

The "Bohemian" Gals.

The "Cowboys"

Eye-opener No. 2: Yup, the BTM Ladies were gorgeous. All the ladies who dressed up, they really look 10 years if not more, younger than they look!

Gotten a free airbrush tattoo at the function itself of a tribal design. Kinda like the design, and I am seriously contemplating of getting a permanent one! hahaa...
And Lucky me, although i didnt managed to win the 1st prize in the lucky draw (which was a $2000 worth of air tix to any destination), i managed to win a portable radio-cum-CD player and $30 Isetan voucher in teh Midnight lucky draw! hahaah.. FIRST TIME Ever i won a lucky draw at any dinner function!

Sure am Loking forward to next year company DnD. But i have a feeling that i might just be "arrowed" into the committee, being a "freshie" in the coy....

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