Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Was overjoyed when i heard from tresa the news, that hall 9 Vball team (M) has advanced to quarter-finals. 2 sets straight victory over hall 5 and hall 8.
Well, although i wasn't in the team anymore, and in no ways associated with the team, but don't know why, i felt really very very happy the moment i found out about the result.

That's passion for a sport? passion for the hall?
both i guess.
Hoping and praying that i will have the chance to catch the quarter-finals match if it so happened to be held on a weekends or weekday nights... and of cos,for hall 9 vball team to advance to Semis, then to FINALS!!
well, its not impossible.., hall 9 did that before 2 yrs ago...

I sold my Casio Exilim today.
Yup, my precious Casio Exilim. I felt a sense of sadness when i sold it. afterall, it has been with me fr the past 1 year.
But it has been my intention all along to sell it to finance a new camera. Otherwise i wouldn't have put it up in the yahoo auction in the first place.


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