Sunday, December 26, 2004

Happy Christmas 2

Its Boxing Day!!

Quite an "eventful" christmas this year.

24th Dec (Christmas Eve aka 平安夜)
Although its still normal working hours for me, but met up with some of my hostel frens from NTU for a buffet dinner at Kublai Khan.
A place strongly NOT recommeded for any "buffet-goers". The food are Stale and it's definitely not value for money.

A drink at Alley Bar kinda makes up for the horrendous buffet spread, with my new found fav beer, "Hooegardeen" (can't make up the speeling...).

25th Dec Christmas Day!
A fully packed day.

Started with a healthy routine of workout at CF gym in the bright morning before making my way to Sim Lim to get a present for....... MYSELF!

Found a great bargain for
Cannon Ixus 40 ( the latest slim Model) @ ONLY $530!
But ironically, i got a
Nikon Coolpix 4100 instead!!
haha.. i made a decision to go for "Quality Superiority" instead of "Where style meets substance".
I admit that the nikon coolpix is nowhere compared to the Cannon Ixus 40 in terms of aesthetical value, but in terms of picture quality, my nikon coolpix 4100 wins Hands-down!
Its small though not slim, and very light too.

Suddenly a craving for the
"Shilin" fried Chicken made me make a trip down to Far East Plaza and qued 15mins for a taste that is hardly close to the authentic street-hawking fried chicken in taiwan....

At night, it was time to put my newly bough nikon Coolpix 4100 to the test! Went to tanglin-orchard with my bro to take pictures of the christmas lightings! And yeS! the picture quality was truly Fantastic! Check out the pics!

26th Dec ( Boxing Day)

Started the morning with a short meet-up with my AIA insurance agent for a review. while making my way there, saw people having some kinda basketball competition, and that reminds me that i havent been going for my weekly vball session with my regular vball khakis for 1 MONTH!! all becos of unmatched schedules and holidays.. Nest sat is a New Years day, which means no more vball for next week!! ARRGGgghh....

Looking at the weather and the mornig sun, i have another regrets... I havent been to Sentosa for AGES!!! Missed busking in the sun at the beach with good games of vabll and most importantly, missed swimming at the beach!! Just hope this rainy season will pass soon, so that i can pack my gears and make arrangements, w/o the need to worried on the unpredictable weather at this point of time...

That brings me to the point that i need to look for the special someone who will be willing to head down to Sentosa with me every week.. haha

Not easy huh...??

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