Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Spectacular, Spectacular

'Spectacular, Spectacular" - Theme From Moulin Rogue

"...So exciting The audience will stomp and cheer
So delighting It will run for fifty years
So exciting The audience will stomp and cheer
So delighting It will run for fifty years ..."

Spectacular! That's the vocabulary to describe wonder of the theme song for the Sentosa Ad airing on the tv currently.
Yup, I'm refering to the so "soothing" song/music that is being used for their latest commercial.

You wouldn't believe it, humming to that tune when i was feeling so frustrated and vexed with my mundane routine job of checkings, really does perks me up! Amazing isn't it?

So, I'm now searching high and low thru the web hoping that i can locate that music! Try it (I mean the music), it really soothes ur soul when u are not feeling right!

Hmm.. watching that ad always makes me missed Sentosa.. yeah, havent been there for ages...

Read about some happenings in the IHG games cocerning Hall 9 today at bernard's and tresa's blogs. Again, i think the word spectacular would best described what i have read.
The Soccer team Victory over hall 10 (our ih arch-enemy), and the volleyball team outstanding performance, managing a 1 set win over last year's IHG Champion.
Wished icould witness the actions, but i just couldn't.
And probably so for the rest of the games as well... so disappointed.
Anyway, Hope Hall 9 will create history again in this year IHG and end with a spectacular showdown!

Damn, down with a flu and cough today. Hated this kind of sick feeling...
why do al illness have to come one after another.. probably i have been stucked up in the office for too long...
the air is bad.
Yes, It sure is.
Coupled with the fact that i could not take any leaves during this oh so long probation.

I will survive. and I must survive! For the sake of the prorated year end bonuses and leaves entitlement next year end.
Yes.. I will perserve!!

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