Saturday, December 11, 2004


"Free" - Ultra Nate (Theme Song: I Know What You Did Last Summer)

"'s the time
'cause you're free....
to do what you want to do
you've got to live your life,
do what you want to do.."

Today started off early. At 8:50am, i was already awake. Guess my biological Clock has started to tune in and i can't seem to sleep passed 9 am unless i force myself to stay in bed after i woke up.
Might as well, since i intend to wake up at 9, to meet my frens for Blading at ECP!

Havent really ben to ECP to blade all along, mainly becos it was simply too far and inaccessible for me. But hey! ECP is really a great place to blade, after much of its track has been "reconstructed" and new tracks been laid that allows you to blade/cycle all the way to the the Changi Airport runway to watch the planes land and take-offs.

Actually this blading and cycling trip was planned for last week, but my untimely fever last week made me postponed this "trip" to this week.
Met up with Victor at harbour-front Seah Imm food center for a breakfast before heading down to ECP to meet up with KX and Nic.

Well, when i was abt a stop away from harbour-front, vic called and said he just woke up. hhaa.... so I make use of the "extra time" that i have and went to DBS bank and opened a CPF investment account. I need that for my investment plan for one of my investment policy to be managed by my "Business Development Manager". well, thats the title the company usually gives them.
Afterall, i cant touch the growing amt of money in CPF now, might as welll put it into good use thru investment and managed by professionals.

The Adventure Begins....
By the time we met up with KX and Nic, it was about 12, and we (me and vic, cos KX and Nic took the bikes) practically blade/cycle non-stop for 1 and half hrs until forced to stop and hide from the rain.
The rain didn't dampen our spirit, as the sky cleared in abt 30 mins, and we carried on and headed to the stretch of road running along-side the Changi Airport Runway, leading to Changi Ferry terminal. Courtesy of Nic, we managed o get our way there and saw a couple of planes taking off and landing.

hmm.. if my memory didn't failed me, i recalled seeing Air Zimbawe, MAS Airlines, SIA, Silk Air aircrafts taking off at a rather close distance. However, i still can't appreciate the beauty of aircrafts taking off and landing or flying overhead me. Well, at least it was a rather unique and enjoyable experience for me though!

Tha rain left the tracks wet and slippery, so the way back to Macdonald's was a slow and cautious one. Damn, if it hadn't rained ear;ier, it would have been so much fun...
It was good "training" though, blading for 2 hrs plus, nett the stopover during the rain.

Me, Vic, Kx, Nic. Near the Changi Airport Runway...

Work-out and FOOD!
So people, dont envy me for having such non-fat structure on my body. Try my timetable of activity for a month, and i can assure u the same results... hahaa... I feel that i have shed 2kg today, despite gobbling down a really large bowl of Mee siam at parkway parade. I swear that's the biggest bowl of Mee Siam/ Mee Rebus. What's more, its only selling for $3!!! the size is equivalent to 2 bowls of wat u get outside. One deadly flaw though, It was way way too spicy even without any chilli. Makes me feel like having a sore throat now. and, it was not really fantastic in terms of taste. Maybe the Mee Rebus that KX and Nic had would measure up. Well, as usualy, one bowl of anything wont make me full, so i carried on to get some snacks... quite heaty and deep fried snacks..maybe that contributes to my emerging sore throat as well... *sigh*

oops.. seems like i blog too much today.. haha...
hopefully, tmrw's weather will be great for me to hit the pool. I can't wait to put my newly-learned free style into practise. Well, i learnt the free style in the Sentosa beach a couple of weeks ago (thru a "Monkey-See-Monkey-do" approach). Since i will not have companion for Sentosa tmrw, might as well head down to a nearby pool and worked on my free-style..... *Pray* *pray*

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