Sunday, December 12, 2004


"Superstar" - Jamelia

"...I dont know what it is,That makes me feel like this,
I dont know who you are,But you must be some kind of superstar,
Coz you got all eyes on you no matter where you are..."

Well, my first "contact with this song was actually during the telecast of Singapore Idol, and if i'm not wrong, Mia performed this song.

cos i rmbr she did a horrible song that has the lyrics, "ey oh ey oh ey oh.." in it. when i first heard her sang it, i was totally turned-off.. Just like the way anyone would felt when they heard Taufik performing the "Usher's" song, and Sylvester with his version of "It's My Life".

The way Mia goes "ey oh ey oh ey oh" was really so "artificial", irritating and "no-soul"... Unlike when Jamelia performed it, this song straight away caught my attention immediately.

hmm.. today's weather was fine... And i managed to go for a swim when the sky was still cleared in noon. Had sushi at Genki sushi before that, but didnt dare to binge on it cos it wasn't a buffet lunch. But i still swept the conveyor belt's salmon sushi roll.. haha, cos its the cheapest at $1.20 per plate.

The other half o f the day seems empty.. cos initially i planned to catch the show 'Umizaru" in Cathay Cineleisure, but there is no screening today!! Arrgghh.. There was though an Exclusive showcase yesterday.. hmm.. wat's with this "Exclusive showcase" thingy anyway...??

Was planning to go down to NTU to root for the hall 9 IHG female basketball initially, but i was just plain too lazy to travel to Boon lay. My Mind is telling me 'Go!" But my Body is saying "No.".. Anyway, hope Hall 9 Teams will do well in this year IHG!

Wanted to do so many things, but just plan lazy to move..... arrgghh... I feel so "wasted" today....

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