Sunday, April 20, 2008


400m swim distance from
start to turning point of swim
The day begin at 7am morining at sentosa, and am feeling kinda excited and at the same time anticipating.
My first ever "Half-Biathlon" in 28yrs...

Finally pluck up the courage and decided to get an attempt at this 750m Swim/5km run.
Don't know what suddenly spurs me on as a late starter to attempt a sprint biathlon.
Thoe only reason I could give myself would be, to challenge if my fitness level and endurance is up to the level yet?
Still going strong even after ORD, if not, better.

My aim was to finish it and not really concern about timing yet.

Before the race started, I was most worried about the swim. Afterall, I never swam in Sentosa water non-stop for 750M. I guess the farthest I did was a 75m Leisure swim?
Teh weather was merciful, and the water was calm, except for a few "waves" caused by the passing ships.

Other than that, i believe I had not gulp down more than 300ml of sea-water... haha.. Achievement no.1 !

Being not a "good swimmer", i decided to start at the back of the crowd, and am happy that even with breast strokes through 750M swim, i managed to squeeze into the mid-pack!
Highest level of achievement was being able to overtake free-stylers.. *Happy*
And in fact, the swim was much more manageable than the run! lol...
At least teh 2 weeks of swim trg at the pool helps. Wouldnt say the same for the zero runs i did prioir to the run.. *Guilty*!

Well, transition to the run went smoothly, credits to the organiser for desptching in waves and a proper transition area that held no delays!

transition area for our running gears Run was bad for me.. mainly becos i didnt train for it, so started slow and the feeling of stitches and cramping on my left leg warns me to slow down, and I'm glad i did, resulting in better run after the 1st km.

Didnt wanted to pushed myself too much, cos there's still a race at Bedok reservior after this, so i just try to run at a leisure pace except for the last km

Am quite happy with my overall results, though didnt really know exactly how long i took, as i was too engrossed with crossing the finishing line than to notice the time on the clock.
Gonna wait for the results to be posted the next day, and maybe more photos in actions....

With YL, who alerted me abt this race and hence, my first biathlon!
Must say that this was a well-organised event, with a slight dealy of 20mins due to preparation, but otehr than that, everything really went smoothlyIt was a great experience, and I dont know if i should go on to take the next full biathlon?
I only know i enjoyed the swim... hahaa... dont know why....
Contestant number 400, yours truly.. wat a number...

My first "medal" for the year. A Proud finisher in my personal context... lol

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