Monday, April 21, 2008

P.R.D.S / P.R.S

I think i am suffering from a "disorder".
i coined it "Post Race Denial Syndrome" (PRDS) or "Post Race Syndrome" (PRS)

Gotta undergo further diagnosis to determine if it belongs to the more detrimental "Denial" group.

Though my weekends are gone just "like that" (i.e. 5 hours of waiting time for less than 2 minutes of glory.
Infact, I kinda "enjoy" that process.

on the surface, it looks like plain aimeless waiting, but that period of "aimeless" and limited interactive wait seems to execute an invisible hand that gradually and silently knitted everyone together. Just by waiting "aimelessly" tog, the close physical proximity has probably sent a "signal" to trigger off the mental state of mind between us (strangers/ teammates/ acquaintance), to share the same aim and for the same purpose. It just seems to draw us closer...
Closer to the sports.
Much closer than what a 2hr trg each week in a no-more-than 10m by 1m wooden/fibreglass structure can do.

I kinda enjoy that kind of feeling.
It's making me missed those moments. I wished every weekends were spent like that.
Aimless waiting, with a crowd of common-minded acquainted people, all in the name of one Game.

I'm missing it already...

No regrets.

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