Friday, April 18, 2008

Cold Feet

Am begining to get the "cold feet" now, after I see the route for the 750M swim...
Damn... It looks more than 750m to me!
I thought its supposed to be equilvalent to 15 laps in the pool.. but how come it looks more like 1km to me...!!

I hope,
1: I can finish the swim in One piece
2. I can still continue with the runnign leg after the gruelling swim
3. if I managed the above, I hope I can finish before the event cut off time... (cos the cut off time is like abt 1 hr after flag off, and to do 750m swim-5km run.
Die lah... someone who dont know how to swim freestyle is gonna attempt a Biathlon swim in the sea for the first time...

A challenge to conquer
Pray for me...
*carbo load , carbo load, carbo load, ........*

Well, guess better concentrate on tmrw's race...

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