Sunday, April 13, 2008

Errands Ran, I Can't Cox a 3G!

Finally i stopped procrastinating and completed my "task" set out before next week.
Mainly because I have got no more time to delay...
Managed to get a "Boxer swiming trunk" for swim and run. That's what is being labeled on the item.
Also finally gotten a new pair of goggles to replace my current "no-longer-anti-fog" pair...
Both due for this coming undayMini Biathlon at Sentosa, so must quickly get it and "season" them before the race day.
First part series of race for the singapore sprint series, hopefully I can survive and finis h the course with a decent timing...

Went for trg today again. And its been a good weather.. no scorching sun like last week.
So many boats in the water today at this timing. Guess everyone's gearing up for PA championship next week..
Now I will oficially declare that I Cannot "Cox" a full 20 Men 3G boat....!
tried 3 times over teh past 3 months, and each time somewhere and somehow, the boat will just swerve furiously to the opposite direction no matter how hard you want to bring it back!
I don't know how that happened, and it always takes a distance before i can get it back on course..
Can someone enlighten me? Why that didnt happened to a SDBA boat but 3G?
Heng, that didnt happend (or rather swerve out of control) during the race sets. else gonna collide with other boats.
I have no qualm coxswaining the SDBA boat, but spare me the 3G.. damn stress man..!
Felt so bad when the team have to go that extra distance (even if not really that much) becos the boat went "out of course"...

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