Tuesday, April 29, 2008


woke up with a pleasant dream this afternoon...

Makes me think about what mabel has pinned in her blog.
"... did you know, that your dreams actually help sort through data in the brain, throw out useless information and then document and store the important stuff? apparently, when you sleep, your brain swells due to an increase flow of blood and every single part is in sort of an overdrive. every single portion of your brain is working then, except for the logic centre, which explains why we can dream of becoming billionaires, flying cows, become madonna or donald trump or i don't know, ryan reynolds?

was back rowing again like ''last time'.
Seems as though nothing had changed.
We have someone jump off the pontoon into teh water to get onto the boat because we reufuse to row near to the pontoon and pick him up...
Haa... so illogical actions that only appears in the dreams..!
It was lotsa fun, but 'short-lived'....

I woke up...,
with a smile on my face...

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