Monday, April 14, 2008

Captain Vs Coach

Another proof of the ever-procrastinating me.

have always wantyed to put my thoughts into words on how I felt a Captain and Coach has very different and important roles to play in a Team.


人物描写纯属虚构,如有雷同 纯属巧合。

Base on my "Pte Ltd" experience in Competitive Team sports from Uni days til now, and through observation of other Sports team, I clearly see the distinction between a Coach's and Captain's role. And thats what drives a winning team, or at least, a Team that triumph in morale and spirits, all in the name of the sports they are in.

The Coach

Delivers training techniques, observe, train and correct the team mistakes.

Scold/encourage players when there is a need, for reason of correction/improvement.

Many a times, a Coach is never really a "well-like" person in the Team, but all to endure becos they know its for the better of the team, competitively, and mentally.
And because he delivers. And because the team loves the sports.

The coach is usually termed "Devil of the team". But in actual fact, it was a front he/she has to put up, becos he wants his player to follow what he teaches and excel.
He/she needs to be in command.
We know his intention is for the good of the team, and are rational intentions.
The coach usually distance himself from the team, leaving the Team communication and bonding to that of the captain.

The Captain

He is no doubt part of the team, and inevitably a vital player within the team.

He is any normal player among the rest. Just that he/she has the 倾合力, and he/she could be chosen by the coach or becos he/she has that quality that can motivate the team towards common goal. A quality that influence fellow team-mates to "fight" alongside with through thick and thin, through tough trainings and conditions together.

Additionally, he has the skills and can assist the coach in training the team in his absence.

More importantly, no matter how skilful the candidate may be, the captain is chosen highly becos he/she can influence.
And influene the team positively.

The Captain in this case, is always the "angel" of the team.
He/she is always the "Mr Nice Guy" or "Miss Never-get-angry".

No Matter how crude the attitude the rest of the players may be towards the captain, the captain is forever accomodating, and bridges any discrepancies or misunderstanding that occurs between the coach. The captain is calm and makes decision raionally when there's a need. his/her intention is never to break-up the team, but on the contrary, to bridge and gaps between players.
The captain makes every effort to know his fellow players, and he bonods with the team just like a normal player, without giving anyone the impression that he is the "Captain" once off-court/field.

The captain serves as a vital communication link between the Team and the coach.

What if the above roles were interchange?
A Coach possessing the quality of the captain, and gets along exceptionally well with the team and the team consider the coach as a great fren they can believe and consult in?
Who would mind. more good perhaps?

On The contrary, the captain acts in a way of a coach and takes over the role.
What happens?

Well, each to his own...
Be it a Player, A Captain, or a Coach.
We may all be individuals, but all our decision should be the collective actions that everyone as a Team will concede.
There should be no individual bias, and decisions shouldn't be made just because of one status. Be it being a Captain or a coach.
That's why the quote,
"There is no 'I' in T.E.A.M"

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