Saturday, April 19, 2008

Winning Streaks (上)

Venue: Bedok Reservoir

Event: President's Challenge (Paddle for Passion) cum PA Paddle Championship

Time: 1pm Onwards

Mounting a Small headset Video-cam on the drummer's head.

This time its just roping in to row on behalf of Pasir Ris East CC.
Minus the tertiary big house in this event, it definitely is a morale booster.
Everybody from all across Singapore's various district and constituency, putting aside the "normal" team jersy they have been training with, just to come together rowing for the constituency they are representing.
Varied age group, gender and ethnic group coming together as one for this , i would say "unusual" DB competition.

Still the same anxiety and competitive climate among teams, but with a sense of frenly competitivenesss within.once croosed the finishing line, teams just congratulate one another. Not that it was a fenly race, not when you hear the same war cry and screams along the 300m route.

It's a great start for the heats today.

All teams qualify for Semis tmrw.
10-crew Mixed, 20-crew mixed, both came in first in heats! Well done guys and gals!Our training has not been in vain! It once again showed DB is a team sports, and not becos you have individual star rowers, you will be in the winning league for sure....

2 senior citizens boats - i shall use the term "Senior Boats" to address them here, (well, just 50% are senior citizen by law, but the rest are not that young either.. oops..) got into the semis too!
And I'm glad and greatful to coach for giving me the opportunity to race in the 2 winning boats, as well as a chance to cox the wining 10-crew "Senior citizens" boat in the competition!

The spirits displayed by the "Seniors" were really encouraging. They are no less competitive as the young rowers, and they row to win!
I'm impressed that they hadn't did any formal training, but managed to keep in sync for the 300m! Thinking they would pant and huff after the 300m, but no way!
I am so impressed by them!
I wished I can still carry on rowing when i reached their age.. impressive!

Ok, its only the heats, and we are all up for the semis tmrw.. it's too early to predict any results, life on water is so unpredictable, we can only hope fo rteh best...
It was really great to be enjoying the winning streak! 5 hours wait to qualify all 5 teams for semis. It's worth it!

At this juncture, I remembered less than a year ago, an ex-team mate once posed this question after our race at this same venue,

"Will [then-Team] ever get a medal?"

Sounds like a simple question, but I couldn't answer straight away... Politically correct ans is of cos a "Yes". But we know its not as simple as that.

My answer was, "maybe not in the near future, but WE will be able to..."

But now, what should the answer be?
"Maybe 'They' will ? "

ok...., time to put in all again for tmrw... Whatever the results maybe.
The results may just be a ranking, but its the process that gets us all together.

tmrw's a ;pmg day with Biathlon in teh moring , and races after... Must sleep early....

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