Sunday, April 27, 2008

Paddler in Pink

蔡琴- 被遗忘的时光
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2 traffic accidents yesterday hit the headlines in today's (Sunday) 2 local newspaper.

The first in The Chinese newspaper was the "flip" over of a "concrete slabs carrier", that block out all lanes on the PIE , exit to Steven's road. Traffic Jam lasted for over 6 hours.

Earlier in the day (saturday), a freak accident in Sim's Avenue took the life of a paddler away.
A strong, courageous lady's life was mercilessly ended by some reckless/careless driving ethics.
Well, the rule of thumb in the driver's "hand-book" read, the pedestrian always have the right a way.
I certainly agree with that, though many a times, I admit I do curse and swear at any reckless pedestrain in my way.

But still, their life are just as precious as any of us in this world.
Some reckless/self-fish driving ethics can take away a life that's so fragile, and important to another person.

I read with a sunken heart at how a brave woman picks herself up from the suffering of a critical illness, had her life ended so abruptly.
The Pink Paddler, Mdm Chan Yoke Chan, 61, took on the sports of dragon boating and proved that it's not one for only the youngs.

Another inspirational paddler gone from the arena gone, just like that...
My friends,
Drivers, PLease watch the road... Paying road tax doesn't means you own the road. Even though you are making a living on the road...

Pedestrain, Please cross in care. Green Man is never 100% safe to cross... PLease look out..

On a lighter note,
Had a pleasant "surprise" after today's "Donut" trg.. (That's how our coach makes tyre training sound less "enticing")
Coach handed out the Medals from last week race.
Am surprised becos we get Medals for being only the finalist in the Northeast CDC race category.
This medal shall be dedicated to Mdm Chan, Cos i rmbr at last week races, you were just passing by me with your team in Pink.
You ladies are a courageous lot...!
Rest in Peace.

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