Friday, April 04, 2008

Never the same again.

I think have to accept the fact things will never be the same again once damaged is done. Once things "shattered", "scratched" , "cuts", "splits" , etc.

No Matter how much effort put in, trying your best to piece them together, it may look the same, but still, its not of a composite with the same original elements.
There would still be "hair-line cracks". There would still exist scars.
It has become fragile.
No longer as united, strong and tough as it used to be.
The feeling is just different.
It is susceptible to any light knocks and and attacks, finally it will collapse.

I realised this theory not only applies to objects and matters.
It's applicable to relationship, friendship, comradeship.
once that bond is broken, it can no longer pieced itself back to what it used to be.

it may look so, but its actually not...
Perhaps, emotions are the most fragile elements in the world.
It can never heal fully like a bruise on your body.
It may look all brand new again on the surface, but what's deep inside was never re-stored, no matter how hard one tries...

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