Sunday, January 25, 2009


Somethings been bothering me every new year..
Sounds morbid, but if anyone realise, like I do for the many many years...
是不是往往在做closing for the 农历financial year, 下面也要交report?

hmm... Even if teh deceased has a good social network of frens, only the families members would be there.
比较“pang tang” 的人是不会出现的。。。

Ok....., its 大年除夕,must be more positive!!
Though Have to start work on 初一,my new year spirit still not dampened.
Went Blading in teh morning, cos i can't seem to sleep past 10am ANYMORE...!!! (even when i turned in like 1am??)
Thought ECP will be like a ghost town, but i forgot teh fact that the main "population" making up ECP crowd Don't celebrate CNY.
So, it turns out its so damn crowded lor....
Checked out form teh owner of a bike shop casually, and suddenly, 一个很要不得的念头浮现了, while having short Q&A with teh owner of the shop..
So tempted t get a Road bike lor!!
Its one of teh cheaper i haved asked so far, and abt $1.1K!! Got my size one available somemore!!
Then again, 1.1k leh!! i think 我还不舍得花这笔钱在一辆脚踏车。。。
Then again, $$$ is the main issue....
*sigh*... my mind is tellign me "YES", but my pocket is telling me "NO"....
$1K... I can use that to pimp my car .. can add my long desired "body armour" to my little car...
anyway, "modification " to commence in Feb....

Time for Dinner...!团圆饭!

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