Sunday, January 11, 2009

Songs and Life

Don't know if this is unique to me only...

Some songs, when you heard it at a certaiin juncture, it kinda "takes you back" to the time when you first heard it.
Or to that time when this song left the deepest impression on you.
Where you associate in your mind, imagery and situation to that song.

That particular song kinda marks the "theme song" for that moment in time...

The below reminds me of Tokyo, in the hotel room during one of my work trip.
Remembered i kept playing this song when i just got to hear about it.
It kinda suits the weatehr then, cool winter turned spring period..
The cool and brightly litted streets of tokyo. People's pace slowed down...


Then on TV recently, caught this song that leave very deep impression too.
Very nice song, though quite dated far back, but the imagery during that period was still clear in my mind.
Still remained as one of my favourite song , though the memories may not be that pleasant.


Anonymous said...

songs are written to reflect the journey of our life
songwriters penned down the lyrics cos they might have gone through it before
so as listeners we will always find a song that is suitable for a particular journey of our life
some songs are more meaningful in the earlier part of our life while some at a later part of our life
in our life

yInZ said...

i like that song too!!! and also thanks for the concern... now hoping the back will recover soon ... i miss the water.. =(

One^Life said...

dont rush (tho its never easy), i can fully understand your situation.. That desperation to go back and do the thing you loved.. It's really torturous....