Saturday, January 10, 2009

Osteopath Vs Physiotherapist?

My worst fear has descended.

7 years ago, I first got a good "view' of this sports on Star Sports via SCV channel.
That was when i was properly 'introduced' to this then-unpopular sports in local context..
I read my way thru one year about this game/sports.
Trust me, even in kinokuniya, and local libraries, i have read /browse thru all the available books on it. (in fact, there is no more than 20 different books on this sports..)
Maybe that explains why it was never popular even worldwide.
And how not-complicated this game could get.

1 year plus of 'formal' coaching from experience coaches and players, before i started venturing out to learn the ropes, hoping to get more exposure.

Could still remember the time when i was at my peak..
That was about 2 years ago.
That was after i took a couple of months break ( in my 'down-nest') trying to figure out how best to improve.
Because my performance has plateau, at a very ordinary level.
I started thinking back on small little advices that past players, spikers and coaches advises....
I realised the magic words...

Tried it, and I peaked.
That was my most triumphant days.
I remembered doing 超手 over the opponent blockers.
I remembered i was fed the balls to help the team score.
I remembered 2 blockers were activated to block my spikes.
I remembered when the spikes went off the opponents hand.
I remembered the high % rate of successful Attacks.

Thereafter, something came along, and my priority was divided.
2 years later on fateful day, a half-past-six warm up before a spike ends it all...
That sharp pain, which i thought would go away, never did.
Which I never even thought would be classified as a sports injury.
It did.
Realised its not a joke when that happens on the very first spike every week...

Even today...
This confirms my worst fear.
An injury on my right delts.
i.e., upon contact of the ball, the sharp pain lowers the power to less than 50%.
Unless i am ready to forsake anymore spikes for the rest of the day..

I told myself in my "down-est" period before, that my worst fear was never able to play this game/sports again.That would be one of my life's worst regret.
I didnt want to let the 7 years of training go down the drain becos of a 'sports injury"
I didnt want the passion to pursue to end with a stupid mistake.
I want to have many more 7 years of peak.

I thought it was all over.
I thought I only had 3 choices..

1.) Switch to be a permanent setter

2,) Train my left hand to be the main spiking arm

3.) Exit from this game altogether

Option 2 is not easy... even more so for a right hander. can take years to have it match the equivalent of the master-hand.

Option 3 will not be consider unless there is no other options.

Option 1 seems more feasible.
But I want to know the game fully, I want to excel in all areas.

Been an All-rounder is the aim of this sports.
Thats why Dig-Set-Spike is widely known by anyone who knows this game.

Today, everything *MIGHT" changed. (for the better)

I tried an Osteopath.
Its gruelling.
its really "crak", "crak" crak" throughout.
My arms were really twisted in all angles possible. Pulled, jerked, bent, tap, etc...
Fortunately, I think my threshold of pain is still relatively high...
First time in my life, i experienced so many "craks", "craks" 'craks" over my body.
20 mins of that, its even better than any full body massage.
Suddenly, my arms turned jelly. As though they have be disjoint.
Just one word from the sin-seh.
He meant the 筋 or some nerve has been re-adjusted back.
Which in the context of physiotherapist, they will quote you some bombastic scientific muscle grp name or body structure and say its been over-strained, torn, etc, that you need to under go many many hours of physios and operation to cut here and there and sew it back to get in in place..
The cost of all that trouble?

few Ks...
and many many man-hours.
Thereafter, you wont be back to original (thanks to the ops). and you have to rest like months for the wounds to heal...

Compared to 20 mins of twisting (real) pains and $25 bucks.
I prefer the latter.
Immediately i raised and swing my arms, i felt like it recovered 80%.
Just need couple of days of rest and not straining that part, I could jolly well go back into the game with the spikes...
I hope it really works wonder after a good night sleep...

Trust me, an Osteopath is really painful... You really hear and FEEL your bones or whatever muscles/筋脉 been mercilessly pulled and stretched.
But you feel the after-effect almost instantneously..
I wouldnt want to describe the procedure...
I swear to myself, I wouldnt want to go back again for this torturing twisting for no obviouos reason......
But I think the 师傅 is really skillful...
He identified my sports and injury without me telling him more than where it hurts.

Btw, if anyone is interested to get a plaguing injury/sprain that some top earning pysio has diagnose as "soley opreations" cured, why not try this if you think you can with-stand some level of pain..

P.s., its easy to "cure" one as soon as it was detected, rather than on that has dragged on for years....

He's located in a dark caustrophobic Medical hall shop-front in Upper Cross street. Blk 531, #01-41
He treats patients on the corridor, not inside rooms. he is not afraid his patient's screaming and awful expression will scare off potential customers.
Be warned, he has a little bit of attitude.. just alittle in some aspect... overall, very freindly...

Was told of a better osteopath in Clementi West, with less pain, but didnt open so late... so have to settle for this...

I still wanna spike...

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Anonymous said...

wow sounds like a gruesome ordeal
but hope it was for the better
u will be a good spiker still yeah
considering ur height
but then again no matter digger or setter or spiker i am sure your interest for this game will remain
stay true to your interest
speedy recovery