Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Forever Young?

Finally decided to get myself really organised.
I would rather convince myself that my absent-mindedness is due to stress rather than the "escalating numbers".
I've made a decision to get some little gadgets to make my life abit more organised.
Of cos , with the severe budget constraint and self-imposed cost cutting measures, already had something cheaper, smaller and yet served its purpose in mind...

yeah, "organised", in the sense that i dont keep getting the wrong dates/time for my appointments, and only realising it the very last minute..
Still sourcing for the "best price", hopefully good news arrived soon...

Then again, dont know I should feel flattered or disappointed for a passing remarks from a sales person.

Went to enquire abt the price of the gadget (read: smartphone), the guy asked a harmless question:
"Getting one for your wife?"
Ok..., should i be flattered, that I looked 'mature' enuff to be a husband of some lady, and a good hubby to buy a (ok, not so expensive) phone for his wifey?

Or Should i interpret it that I looked old enuff to be a married man....?

A consolation though, he didnt say, "Getting one for your children?"
That would really mean i looked real 'obsolete' to be handling such 'smart-phone' ?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

probably the sales person is giving you some form of seniority respect
not so much how u like like in terms of phyical age.......
welll whoever you buying it for, wife or children.....they are still your loved ones still