Sunday, January 04, 2009


Someday - Sugar Ray

Had this feeling of a fresh grad starting my new job tmrw.

A strange kind of feeling.
Machiam first time going to work in the CBD area during the "rush' hour..
New place, new envt, new colleagues, new role.
Maybe I will sleep early tonight.

Not difficult after a whole afternoon of Beach vball.
felt so tired, but shiok to just lie in bed and sleep... Zzzz.....

Tmrw marks the start of my 5th "annivesary" since I entered the work force.
Time flies.
Slightly less than 5 years ago, was still enjoying the Hostel life.
Care-free, fun-filled and activities packed (minus the mugginig periods and tutorials..)

Well, at least I did achieved what i had wanted since the sch days..
Working in the concrete Jungle in the Banking industry. Deck out in shirt and pants, 穿梭在上班族的人群中。

Mundane life , some might say. But its been satisfactory.

Tmrw will be a new chapter in life...

Someday, when my life has passed me by,
I look around and I wonder why..

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Anonymous said...

times flies and we all become more knowledgable, wiser and better person

the start of a new chapter in your career promises many opportunities

look on the bright side
everything will turn out fine

rest well
and all the best for your first day