Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Those were the Days

Volleyball Forever

I loved this video, and even more for the game...
Those were the days..


If anybody didnt realised, in the Singapore sporting arena, There is National Water-polo Team, There is a National Team for Soccer, There is N-Team for Dragon Boat, there is N-Team for Bowling, N-Team for Badminton, N-team for Netball, many many more...

But there has been no N-Team for Men's Volleyball since 1995.
There is still the Women's Team though.

There is definitely no lack of strong Men's players, but just so hard to form a N-Team.
Not because these people has no passion to pursue.
Of cos, in Singapore, pursuing a sports as a pofession can't earn u big bucks, unless you are in the "bias" sports, that gives you tens of thousands of dollars, or those that sponsors you thousands of dollars for 22 people after 1 ball.

Something lower cost in terms of maintenance is been stinged on.
Compared to upkeeping 1 hectare of grass and feeding 22 people and one ball, isn't it more economical to maintain and 6 x 9 metres indoor court with 12 men and a ball?

If you see just the U19 standard, I dare say its better than other U19 sports that comprises 22 men and a ball or many ladies and a ball. It is no less boring, and definitely won't take up 90 mins of your time before you see only 1 or 2 spectacular, adrenaline pumping actions.
Then why not gives these potential medalist a go to pursue something?

You have matches for 22 men and a ball held on weekends and telecast "Live", but you hold 12 men and a ball games on weekdays in some ulu, hard to access schools with limited accessibility.

And, you make publicity so limited, that only people in this particular arena who bother to asked and search high and low before they can figure out any events date and schedules.
Of cos you will see less than half the grand-stand filled.

These lots are one of those who played the sports, not for glory, not for the thousand dollars sponsorships, not clamouring for the chance to earn a living just by hitting balls.
But for the passion and the love of the sports.
Why aren't they given the much needed support and publicity?
If anyone has teh chance to catch a real match in teh INter-constituency or even the INter-schools national Championship, I bet you wont doze off at your seats in the semi-finals matches..
Watch this URL if anyone is keened to have a taste of "every minute of action-sports for the tournaments.
TIPS* catch at least the semis for secondary level and higher. Be awed...


Is it already a forgotten sports?
The President of VAS (FYI, VAS = Volleyball Association of Singapore,
if people are more familiar with the de-facto FAS...), has intention since 6 months ago to established a Youth N-team.. is it forth-coming?

"Volleyball body to form national squads with youngsters who will be eligible for 2010 event"

Hopefully, this will come true...

If there's any regret for me, it would be not getting acquainted with this game much much earlier...


Anonymous said...

its never to late
now that you are good in this game
i am sure you will make the cut for National Team, Olympic Team or any other team you choose or
be chosen to represent

One^Life said...

haah.. if you have a chance to catch just the local tournaments, you will know whats the "real" standard of good volleyball..
I'm frankly still many miles away...
Anyway, there's age cap for such sports...
Again... bias-ness...

Anonymous said...

Dont be disheartened yeah
Just play your game well
You never know you might
get discovered
somehow, somewhere, sometime ...

yInZ said...

did u remember we did used to say that we can form a ccwa volleyball team =)

One^Life said...

hahaa.. yeah... And coincidentally, i had a game with issac last sunday...!
hmm.. when you all want to start "forming" the team?
I am waiting lor...