Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RBS Dragonboat Team - The waters we tread [2008]

It started with MR500, when the teanwas still very much ABN Amro.
That's when teh first medal(or rather "plate") was clinched for the very first competitive event of the year.
A Plate Champion.
That sets a very good pitch for the year.

Then came SDBF (June) race, The ladies went on to secured a Bronze.
That's the first Race under the combined Team (RBS & ABN), in the Name of RBS.
An up & coming Team for sure...

"Perserverance, Trust , Synchro , Strength , Endurance"
One Team, One Goal, One Spirit

Then in July, The team is geared for the Corporate Challenge.
CCG 08, with a Splendid result and showdown.
They are Medal Hungry now.
Exiting from a race without a medal would be a disappointment.
So the team's aim is to garnered Medals for every race...
The men's Clinched the Gold, the Mixed brought home a Bronze.

"This is ten percent luck,
twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure,
fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!"
Sync, Speed, Focus, Power

In SAVA Spint (sept 08), They are up again, this time, 2 Bronze.
so close (to silver) yet so far...
They wanted more....

Regatta was their last bet.
Final showdown, a "show-hand" thingy.
Lady luck wasn't on their side anymore.
The only race in the season they went back, yep, empty handed. They were potential competitors, but, they could have exhausted all their luck early in the year.
They could only managed a few finalists.

"Some days are meant to be remembered,
Those days we rise above the stars"
"Thought that we were stronger.
All we do is linger.
Slipping through my fingers"

2009, They will be back. In more than one competitive arena.
NO Longer just the corporate category.
This Team is taking on the Open Inter-business/Club/ Association.
They gonna take back what they left behind in Regatta 08.

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