Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hello & Goodbye

听不到 - 五月天

The day is drawing near...
Anticipation, uncertainty, faced with a brand new alien environment.

Gonna be a fresh start all over again.
No more comfort zone, time to pick up the learning curve from the very beginning again...

wonder if I can really dragged myself out of bed before 8am everyday....
Somethign i havent done it for the past 2 years. (at least not more than 10 times over the 730 over days)

I could vaguely remember the mornign bus jam, MRT rush, morning rush of the CBD.
hmm... reality soon, in 2 days time...
At least, I managed to "train" myself to wake up by 10am recently..
Still a couple of hours to shed to hit that 8am bio-clock...

Hope its a change for the better.

Goodbye to weekdays afternoon swim, hello to damn crowded after-office hours gym.
Goodbye to off-peak smooth traffic, hello to Blood-thirsty-sucking Every-Road-Pay.

Then again, HELLO to FRIDAY night. Hello to dinner (and maybe booze) after work...
HELLO to the Morning sun...!


Anonymous said...

you will cope fine
trust me
give yourself a couple of days
to get use to the rountine
soon before you know it
you will just be in sync
with the normal working crowd......
some things just need
a little sacrifice at first :)

One^Life said...

i hope so..
Still missed the 4/5pm start of day... lol