Friday, June 27, 2008

Carb Load,Carb Load...

The amt of calories intake i required per week, base on height , weight and estimated level of activities I am undertaking each week.
Thats about double of what is required to "Maintain" my weight, 3 times that to lose weight...
its an arduos task topped with high in-borne metabolism.The envy of many "marie-france-figures" wannabes, but a uphill task for hard-gainers like yours truly to reverse the effect....

It's been carb loading for the week.. eat, eat , eat and non-stop eating, with of cos, the "right' thing.

tmrw's the day.
1 year on, that same venuw, the same race, but a different group of team-mates altogether.
Would it be a better outcome this time round...?
I'm ready to give my all for this race,

No regrets..

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