Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello Laksa, Curry, Sushi!

Finally its the end of June race 2008
Mixed feelings of Joy and disappointment (too strong a word?)

Also, that marks the "temporary" end of my "no-spicy-food, no-coconut-milk (read curry) diet" in prep for race days...
I can go indulge in Laksa with lotsa sea-hum, sashimi and curry chicken noodles!
And yes, my first "snack" right after sunday's race is Chirashi Sushi Don!
However, that is gonna be short-lived for 1 week... thereafter its back to that "strict" diet of carb loading, no-spicy, no coconut milk, watch-what-you-eat regime..
CCG in 2 weeks time...

Didnt realise actually such simple discipline could have a direct and evident correlationship to performance level.

There exist stronger meaning to races to me nowadays...something you can hardly put into words, given my limited vocab, but the kind of feeling is just priceless and indescribable.

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