Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ERP everywhere

kaoz... win already lor...

At first annouce Road tax will be cut in July, so people save like 100 plus for road tax per six month year (15% off)..

Then Garment announce now ERP charge to increase (Also in July!) between $0.50 - $2.00

So, with normal primary school kids mathematical knowledge, you do the maths, and wa-la!
You Know our garment is very very very clever one.....

simple maths... ERP increase say ,avg by $1.00.
die die everyday must go to work, weekend go out, so everyday you hear "beep", "beep" .
Extra $1.00 everyday.. (assuming you ONLY go past 1 gantry per day!)

Additional cost for 6 months = 180days X $1.00 = $180 extra..

No wonder rates of ERP card thefts are so high..
because ERP card storage is getting more and more valuable...
Best .....

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