Friday, June 06, 2008

Pre-occupied Mind...

Day 2 in Kyoto, and I got a pleasant phone call from Singapore..
Hahaa.. something Ihave been waiting for for the past 1 month!
The good news that i secured my COE at $14K!
Means a "paper gain" of about $4k!!
Which more importantly, means I get to bring home my "Snow White" very very soon.....!
suddenly got so distracted from travelling.. wished i could fly back immediately to settle all the admin stuffs.. lol..

Then also, been checking my mails on my lappy (yep, i bring along a lappy, cos from previous experience, its a necessity to cary a lappy with u in Jap, expecially when back packing)
And the mails always put a smile to my face and have been very encouraging..
The exchange of info/admins/communication that leads up to the building of 'THE' team.
Am glad at the involvement and committment shown by people who cares.
Another strong pull factor that i wished I could be back in S'pore real soon!!

Well, but a third factor though not a really pleasant "pull" factor, revolves around my work..
*sigh*, becos of a delayed system launched next week, and I'm supposed to be the 'guru' for the system should the team hit any obstacles..
Wished Icould be back soon, to help resolve any issues (hopefuly no ssues!) and let us all get off work early every night after this system introduction!
1:30 Am latest possibly..?? hahaa

Ok, something less dampening and to put my mind "right on track" for now....
More photos of the beautiful Hokkaido!
**Photos of below are all from Sony Ericsson T650i 3.2 mega-pixel camera phone**

A vry cosy hostel in Hokkaido. its like a cosy little home..

Hostel interior

part of teh living room..

How can miss sushi and seafood in Hokkaido!!

Natural Spring Water!

Thats what Hokkaido is famous for!

Salmon Roe Don!*squish* *squish* *squish*

Lake Toya

Flowers blooming!

More photos 'akan datang' in my Face-book....

I Love Japan!

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